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Meet Twiner. The first Social Directory for Business and Individuals.

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What is Twiner?

Twiner starts out as a directory. That's why it is yellow, that's why you can search for a business just from the very first start.

But Twiner is much more than a directory. It's a Social Directory, this means you will enjoy a global coverage of the business world in a live network where members update their activity and stay connected.

How does it work?

One account. All your identities.

Act as an individual

You'll have the chance to create a profile to search, contact and follow your preferred brands, or simply to hang around and look what your competitor are doing.

Represent Business or Charity

Benefit of multiple business Profiles, because you may run more than one activity. Your activity will be listed in the directory and you will gain the ability to use the network to fit your business specific needs like showcase your activity, finding new leads, discovering business opportunities, creating new relations connecting with clients, supplier and prospects.

Each eye, has its spectacle

Depending on the field, your experience will be completely different. When you decide to act in the network as a specific profile, you experience only that point of view. Your dashboard will become the one which belong only to that version of you. Not only your connections and profile related settings: business suggestions and feed activities will focus you unequivocally to your tasks.

Members benefits

Business and Charity benefits:


Twiner is a microcategorized and integrated directory: a large coverage of the business world where you can find partners, services or products for your company while you continue to build your network.


On Twiner, companies participate in a B2B2C social network to find partners and new sales. Search for your market niche, get notified of new compatible Leads, create connections and communicate in bulk.


Find the right companies and people: choose your target by compatibility, socio-demographic or behavioral characteristics. Twiner integrates native advertising formats, which is contextual for the user.

Individual's benefits:


Find, contact and follow Brands, products and events. Twiner born as a Directory because it draws its original sap from the over 8 million Businesses already registered by Neosoft Bancomail


A starting point to quickly find the data you need from a brand, staying up-to-date. Twiner born to bring opportunities, information, deals, comparison of offers and reviews.


Find out the places and products that you, your friends and experts like. By participating in the Twiner network, you read and share opinions, make informed purchases and access previews and coupons.


Twiner under the hood:


Let's connect!

As an investor or an early member, this is your choice. Either way, you will be rewarded.

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